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Bingeing on Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange: The Oath - Brian K. Vaughan, Marcos Martin

So a couple of days ago I has a sudden urge to read some Doctor Strange comics. I can't recall why exactly this came over me, as he was never one of my favorite Marvel characters. One reason for this was the magical/fantasy elements, which was never my thing, while another was the solemnity and pomposity of his characterization back then. But after having read through some other stuff I decided to give some of the more recent issues a try.


After doing some research I started with Brian K. Vaughan's The Oath and I enjoyed it enormously. Then I started reading Jason Aaron's run from a few years ago and I liked his stories just as much. It's really interesting to see how much the character has changed; while no less arrogant in his decisions he's much more flawed and tortured than before. And with a recurring theme running through the issues of magic having a cost (one that is pretty much the entire lesson of The Magicians), the constraints Strange faces become a major factor in the storytelling. I intend to follow the future releases closely while working my way through the back issues, at least until I get back to the point where he was far less appealing of a character.