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Hamilton: The Revolution - Jeremy McCarter, Lin-Manuel Miranda

One of the things that my wife likes to do when we're in England is to take in a show. The last time we were there we saw Oliver! which was fun and exactly the sort of thing one expects to see in a London theater. This time around, though, a preliminary look at the shows running didn't turn up anything that looked all that interesting.


Today, though, I started downloading a bunch of apps for our trip. Among them was one for London that included a list of the current shows. To my astonishment one of the shows playing was Hamilton at the Victoria Palace Theatre. It's a show that I've wanted to see ever since its initial debut four years ago, and I despaired of doing so after missing the opportunity when the tour passed through my town. Now, the idea of seeing an American musical in the UK may seem a little ridiculous, but considering that I saw the Chicago revival on a previous trip to London I seem to have a habit of doing this sort of thing.


Regardless of the roundabout way that I've taken to see it, I'm looking forward to seeing for myself what all of the fuss is about, especially as I won't have to rely upon cast recordings or the published script to do so. After all, plays are meant to be seen aren't they?