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Christmas came early this year

As you may recall, every year my wife and I treat each other to one Christmas splurge. In years past this has been an expensive book or a set of expensive books, but this year I decided on something else: an 8-disc set of the Showa-era Godzilla films.


This was an indulgence to my inner child. When I was growing up there was nothing I enjoyed more than watching Godzilla films on a Saturday morning. When I tried collecting them on DVD a couple of years ago, though, I learned that many of them were out-of-print and consequently very expensive. This made Criterion's set too appealing too pass up, so when my wife asked me what I wanted this year I asked for it.


Normally I would have had to wait another couple of months before enjoying it. But when my wife's gift ⁠(a set of Powerbeat Pros) arrived, she decided she didn't want to wait until December. So once the DVDs showed up we wrapped them and exchanged gifts.


And the set was even better than I expected:




To accompany the DVDs, they provided a short essay on each movie, which they accompanied with some fantastic artwork:



Of course, it's all about the DVDs:



Now I'm spending the weekend indulging in a nostalgic immersion into two decades' worth of classic Japanese kaiju movies. I'm alternating between my favorites and ones I missed seeing when I was young, and it's been fascinating seeing them again after all these decades.