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Alphabet Squadron - Alexander Freed

This is my first dive into the post-Disney acquisition "canon" books, and while it's a decent novel I'm not enjoying it as much as I do the Expanded Universe/Legends series. I was struck by this passage, though, in which the main character, Yrica Quell, discusses Operation Cinder, the Emperor's post-Endor directive to his forces to destroy planets joining the rebellion, with a reprogrammed torture droid.

     "Can I offer my theory?" the droid asked.

     "As a friend?"

     "A proper therapist would let you figure it out yourself," the droid said,. "But I'm ignoring boundaries tonight—so yes, as a friend."
     Quell managed a strained smile and nodded. "What's your theory?"

     "The answer," the torture droid said, "is simple: The Emperor who ordered Operation Cinder, who oversaw countless genocides and massacres and created an Empire where torture droids were in common use, was not a man of secret brilliance and foresight.

     "He was a cruel man. Petty and spiteful in the most ordinary of ways; and spiteful men do spiteful things. Whatever else he intended, that is the root of it all." 

I found that especially profound in light of recent events.