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Father's Day arrived early . . .

— feeling happy

. . . because my books arrived today!



For a set of books that's a century old, they're in excellent shape — the spines are loose and there's considerable sun spotting, but the text itself is clean of any underlining or other notation. But the most pleasant surprise of all so far are the map volumes:


I have never encountered something like this before and I can understand why; it's all to easy for these maps to get lost. But not only do the sets seem complete, the maps themselves are in excellent condition.



I'm starting to that at £200 plus shipping, I got these at a bargain price.


I'm trying not to get carried away. I need to go through the books carefully and make sure they're as complete as advertised. But even if I find a few missing maps or some highlighting I have books that will be a lifetime addition to my collection. Now I just need to find space on the shelves for them!